2019-20 Season


The 2019-20 Teams have been posted. As of 8/24/2019 the league is full with 100 full time players and 10 goalies. Any new or additional players wishing to join the league will be put on a wait list and sub list. Teams were selected through a draft based on player ratings. The league reps oversaw 10 team reps who participated in the draft and approved the final team selection.

Players from past seasons who are in good financial standing with the league were given priority followed by new players from the wait list and sub list . Any player with an outstanding balance from past season was not included in the draft and has lost their spot. These player will not be allowed to play or included on the sub-list until balances are paid in-full. 

Player Payment

Cost per player for the 2019-20 season will be $695; goalies will be $400. Payment can be made in the form of cash, check or credit card. Full payment must be made by December 1st, 2019. Players not paid in full by December 1 may be removed from their team. Players not paid in full by December 1st 2019 may also lose their priority/spot for future seasons.

  • For cash or check payment, please see Meg Drapeau in the rink lobby on any Tuesday or Thursday night.
  • To pay by credit card, you can pay in the Rink office. Players can speak with rink management(Paul or Cilla) to make payment directly through FMC. Be sure to ask  that the payment is applied to the WMSHL account.
  • Save your receipt.

We are constantly working to keep the league affordable. The average cost per player per game is ~$19. We ask that everyone make full payment by the deadline to ensure that the league can operate and stay current with FMC.


Each player is responsible for getting a sub to replace them when they are unable to make a game. Only subs from the sublist can be used in the league. Each sub on the list has been recommended and approved by the league reps and given an appropriate rating. To maintain parity in the league, players should only use subs that are rated the same or lower than their own rating. Each player and team should police this process to maintain fairness and keep the league fun. Remember all teams make the playoffs.

Sub Rules

  • Only use subs from the sub list. If a player is not on the list, do not use that player.
  • A sub’s rating must be equal or less than the player being replace or you will forfeit the game
  • Subs must ay $20 per game and must pay prior to each game.
  • Teams requiring long-term sub must consult with league reps. League reps will fill long-term needs.
  • Subs for playoffs will be determined prior to playoffs.

Players interested in joining the league and/or added to the sub list can email: GCARP7433@GMAIL.COM.
Please provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Contact Number
  • Cell (if different)
  • player experience
  • Member referral: Name of player in the league that may have referred you

Additional Information

Games are played on Tuesday and Thursday nights, with game times scheduled at 8:00pm, 9:10pm and 10:20pm. The season runs from the first week in September through mid April and includes playoffs. Teams consist of 10 players and a goalie and are selected prior to the start of the season. “Talent” is distributed equally across the 10 teams using a rating system.

  • The 2019-20 Schedule will be posted the week of 8/26.
  • All teams will play week #1 beginning Sept. 3, 2019.
  • The sub list will be updated during the week of 8/26.

All questions should be directed at Scott Downing, Peter Boin or George Carpenter.