Clarification on Sub Fees – 10/17/2023

We are  posting this notice to provide clarity to the sub fee rules for the 2023-24 Season.

Sub rating rules have not changed. Players can sub for any player with the equivalent rating or higher.

Updated Sub Fee Rules:

  • Any full-time or sub list player is eligible to sub in any game.
  • Full-time players must always show a priority to their full-time team.
  • Anyone  subbing  (full-time and sub list player),  is required to pay a $20 sub fee.
  • The sub fee is per night fee. – This is a change, subs are no longer required to pay per game and can play any number of games per night as long as they have paid the $20 sub fee.
  • It is the subs responsibility to pay on the night that they skate.
  • Any sub attempting to circumvent the sub fees will be removed from the league and sublist  and will not be eligible to retain their full-time spot in future seasons

Sub fees are used to fund the end of year party,  League Champion and runner up sweatshirt/t-shirts and to maintain the overall cost to all players. A portion of the sub fees is also donated to the Phil Dumas Community Scholarship.